Detox Juice


               A little something to help you with your post Christmas Detox   Detox Juice 2 Tomatoes 1 Handful Spinach 7 Celery Stalks 1/4 Medium Onion 1/2 Red bell Pepper 4 Carrots 1/2 Glove of Garlic Dash of Cayenne Pepper    To receive my blog directly into yout inbox please subscribe here

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50g Pea Protein 15g Amaranth flour 50g Gluten Free Oats 40g Chia Seeds 30g Goji Berries 7 Egg whites Put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth. Pop into a bread tin and place in a pre heated oven (gas mark 6 or 200). Leave to cook for 40-45 mins. Or until you can pop a … Read More


Mind & Body Connection


So I’m guessing that you probably hear this saying a lot… Connect your mind to your body man… OM…!! What does that even really mean. Haha…!! It means exactly what it says on the tin. An effective workout is not one that is all about creating what you think the movement should be, an effective workout is about walking away … Read More

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Homemade Spreading Paste


Homemade Spreading paste   1 Tbsp Flaxseed Oil 2 Cloves Garlic 1 Avocado Handful of Cherry Tomatoes   Pop all of the ingredients in a blender and spread on your protein bread….. Yummy yum yum…!! Also super simple… x    To receive my blog directly into yout inbox please subscribe here   

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Fasting Cardio


How to lose fat stores through cardio ; Fasting Cardio pro’s and cons One type of cardio training that regularly gets discussed frequently is that of fasted cardio training. The idea behind fasted cardio is that you will get up first thing in the morning and before downing your usual breakfast, you will head straight for the gym or to … Read More

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Why does eating every 3-4 hours work?


Diet is at least 80% of the challenge. Right off the bat I need you to know one thing: STOP starving yourself….!!! I think you will agree that you were surprised at this when you received your eating plans. The key isn’t to starve. Actually, that’s exactly what you don’t want to do. What we want to do is to … Read More

Nicky FullerWhy does eating every 3-4 hours work?

I Love a Cuppa


I love a cuppa. My favourite times of the day are first thing with breakfast I think you’ll agree its gotta be done. My second favourite is after a hard days work. Nothing pleasures me more than sitting with my feet up and having a cheeky cuppa followed by a big sigh and a smile of gratitude for having the … Read More

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10 Super Detox Foods

Detox Foods

When it comes to detoxing your body, there are many techniques you can use. One of the best ways is to eat lots of foods that detox the body. Please find below a list of detox food that would be a great addition to your new eating regime.   1. Fruit Fruits are extremely high in liquid-content, helping the body … Read More

Nicky Fuller10 Super Detox Foods