Nutrition is an important part of every day life. What we eat and drink can help us control our weight, keep our immune system in balance and provide us with all of the energy we need to help us through each day.

However, when you embark on any exercise programme, whether it be to lose weight or tone your body, good nutrition becomes crucial. One of the biggest issues that prevents people from achieving their health and fitness goals, is usually poor nutrition.

There are some that try to cut their food intake by too much, whilst hitting the gym 6 nights a week, only to find themselves exhausted or run down by week three. There are others who take the stance that because they are exercising regularly, they can pretty much eat what they want.

It’s true that people exercising regularly will be able to eat more without gaining as much weight, but if you are looking for healthy weight loss, body sculpting, overall fitness improvements or you are training for a specific sport or event, balancing your fitness programme with quality nutrition, will rapidly increase your chances of success.

Nicky Fuller Personal Trainer Nutrition Sheets

Food Myths

One of the problems of trying to calculate your own nutritional needs, without previously studying the subject, are the amazing amount of “food myths” which circulate around the internet on a daily basis.  It seems that for every person who says a particular food is good for you, there will another who disagrees.

Some of the most common food myths are listed below:

  • Eating any type of fat is bad for your health
  • Margarine is always a more healthy option than butter
  • Fat free products are better for your nutritional needs
  • Decaffeinated tea and coffee are better for you than those containing caffeine
  • Eating eggs will give you high cholesterol
  • Raw vegetables like carrots are more nutritional than cooked ones.

Nutrition is never a black and white subject.  With so many processed foods available on the market, picking your way through what you should and shouldn’t eat can become a bit of a minefield.  If you are not fuelling your body correctly, it will impact on your exercise programme and in turn, reduce your chances of successfully achieving your fitness goals.

The Perfect Balance

As part of my TNT lifestyle programme, I don’t just work on people’s physical training and fitness, I also help them achieve a quality nutritional balance too.

With a weekly eating plan, along with additional recipes and advice, my TNT clients can take the guess work out of what they eat and work to achieve their goals in the best possible way.

Eating healthily whilst training, really does give an edge over those who pay little or no attention to their nutritional needs. It’s not just how much you eat but what you eat and when you eat it. I’ll help you bust through those “food myths” and put you straight on the right track from the start.

If you’re looking to change your lifestyle, lose weight, tone and define your body or just improve your overall fitness my TNT lifestyle programme will get you the results you are looking for.

By combining personal training, nutrition and lifestyle management I offer a fresh and unique approach to helping people achieve their goals. I’m passionate about what I do and there is no greater reward than seeing clients change their lives in a short time.

If you’re looking to improve you overall fitness, lose weight or tone up ready for the beach, then please get in touch.  You can call me for more information, including pricing, or  to ask any questions you may have about my personal fitness, nutrition and lifestyle management programme on 07460 315322 or simply CLICK HERE to send me a message.